Kobusch+Ebeler: First-class quality with reliability.

To a great extend you benefit from the quality, precision and reliability of our products. Consistent quality assurance plays an essential role. Qualified techniques, measurements and control ensure the manufacturing of cost-efficient high-precision products in combination with short delivery times, outstanding service and constant high quality.
State-of-the-art quality management accompanies every single step of the process run at Kobusch+Ebeler. Quality control during production is one of the most important components in all sectors of our company.

Our quality criteria

  • Using newest production facilities of well-known manufacturers, CNC as well as conventionally controlled
  • Quality assurance throughout whole production process
  • Optimised processes
  • A high level of qualified staff members

Expect first-class results you can rely on! Kobusch+Ebeler sets standards concerning the quality of products – for your trust in our performance.

Quality inspection

Given quality specifications are controlled strictly. Our technologies and our know-how concerning quality control are trend-setting. During the production process we control your quality specifications constantly and provide an ideal quality assurance of your products.

Gearing measurements

In order to document the product in form and line we use latest techniques. Our large measuring machinery makes a great amount of measurement possible.

Using high-speed testing methods your quality specifications are controlled – for example using the Klingelnberg – gear – measuring machine. Thus extremely complex measurements according to highest quality specifications and regulations concerning quality assurance and documentation are possible.

Erstklassige Qualität Verzahnungstechnik